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Aviation Technician

Aviation mechanics is one of the popular and required specializations in Lebanon. It includes aircraft maintenance and equipment and allows working at the airport, in addition to working with the Lebanese Army Air Force as a technician.

The work of a graduate of this major is not limited to working in the airport, but it opens the way for him/her to work in other fields, within the subjects learned during the years of specialization, in addition to the possibility of teaching.

This major is based on mathematics and physics and requires knowledge of the English language. It begins with the Technical Baccalaureate (BT) after the intermediate certificate (Brevet), and after high school, it is possible to continue the educational attainment to obtain the Technical Excellence Certificate (TS) if the student holds a certificate from the Mathematics Department in high school.

You will find everything you need to know about this profession and job opportunities is in this video with Manuel Mezher.

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