Career Development

Professional development is an individual's path to success

Professional development is a step-by-step path to success that goes beyond simply choosing a specialization or continuing education. The four stages of professional development are self-knowledge, exploration, self-development, and planning, and following them can help develop confidence and reach desired goals. "Mehnati" offers resources and tools for all users, especially students, to navigate these stages and enter the labor market.


Knowing yourself or the ability to evaluate yourself are important in choosing a career, as they help you choose your path based on your unique personality, skills, interests, and values.


The second step in career planning is to explore and research your options. “Mehnati” offers videos that describe a variety of technical careers, explain
career paths, offer possible options, and guide you through the decision-making process.


The third step in planning your career is to improve your skills to match the profession
you want. In this context, the “Mehnati” team is constantly working on studying the requirements of the labor market, in terms of the skills and qualifications required and missing among technical graduates.


Here you plan the steps you need to take to put your future project into action. During this step, you will write a career business plan, which will serve as a guide to your ultimate goal of getting a job in the profession that you consider suitable for you.