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The specialization of optometry and manufacturing of optical devices is the specialization of primary health care for the eye, and an introduction to learning how to examine, identify, deal with and treat vision problems. Like most of the applied medical disciplines whose theoretical foundations are related to physics, this discipline links the laws of optical physics (optics) and transforms them for therapeutic medical use.

The optometry certificate is a technical excellence certificate taken after studying three years in a vocational institute, preceded by the secondary stage in school. This field allows a person to become the owner of a store that sells eyeglasses, to issue prescriptions for eyeglasses, and to sell contact lenses. It also allows the graduate to become a professor at the Higher Technical Institute and teach this specialization and opens up job opportunities for them in Lebanon and abroad.

The specialization is characterized by two parts, one medical and the other commercial, which means that it combines more than one specialty in one, and it requires that the person have scientific information in the field of vision measurement, and medical information in biology, knowing that its subjects are not easy.

In this video, you will meet Pierre Kozah, who talks about his experience with the specialization of optometry and manufacturing of optical devices, and the advantages and prospects that opened up for him.

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