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Self-assessment is also important for discovering new pathways that you may not have previously noticed, as you can use this information to open up to careers of a different kind. In addition, self-knowledge can help you identify weaknesses, so that you pursue appropriate exercises to mitigate the impact of your weaknesses on your future career, and to strengthen your current skills.

During a self-assessment, you gather information about yourself to make a career decision, and this begins with understanding four key elements:

Character: “Who am I?” This includes your traits, your incentives, your needs, and your attitudes.

Interests: “What do I like and dislike to do?” Such as electronic games, sports, and spending time with friends.

Skills: “What am I good at?” such as writing, computer programming, and teaching.

Values: “What is important to me?” such as the things you want to achieve, positions, and independence.

The goal is for you to be able to come to these answers and clearly understand how the four elements relate to your profession, and that is what we seek to help you achieve in this section of our website. 

“Mehnati” offers you tests, articles, and videos to help you get to know yourself and evaluate yourself in an easy way.

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