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Being Lost in your Career Path

It’s normal to get lost in a career, but it’s important to work on it, and here are some ways to help you:

  1. Analyze your work style: Are you a procrastinator or proactive person?

If you are someone who tends to procrastinate, someone who leaves things until the last minute and waits for their boss to tell you what to do, you can work as an employee in a company.

But if you are a person who takes the initiative, comes up with new and creative ideas that can help you start your own business without the need for someone to tell you what to do, then you can be an entrepreneur or an official.

  1. Know what you like to do in your spare time; sometimes a hobby can lead you to build a career:

Many famous artists, football players, and singers used to do these things as a hobby, but later on, it became their main profession, and a source of income, and this can apply to you as well.

  1. Know your social preferences: Do you like working with other people or on your own?

If you prefer to work on your own, then jobs that require a computer or pen and paperwork could be right for you, such as being a writer, accountant, graphic designer, IT…

But if you love working with others, you are suitable for any job where communication is necessary, such as being a professor, a waiter in a restaurant, or a sales representative…

  1. Ask people with experience in a field that you think you belong to:

It is very important to ask people who work in a field that you may be interested in because they can help you learn anything about their work. You just have to ask for their help.

  1. Get an internship or trial period: Evaluate the job through its experience:

This is the best way to know if you like this job and if you are the right person to do it. Testing the job by yourself will help you know if you want to continue doing it or not. Therefore, non-remunerated internships or trial periods can help you, especially if you have recently graduated.

  1. Make sure your career fits with your personality and lifestyle:

If for example, you are an introverted person who likes to spend time alone, you are not expected to become a popular YouTuber, comedian, or talk show host. It may be better for you to work in an office, or work remotely on your own; your career must fit your personality to succeed and love what you do.

  1. Make a plan or wish list with details of the job that you think is ideal for you:

Planning makes your future accomplishments easier and more achievable. It can be very helpful to write down what you imagine yourself doing, or the environment in which you will be working.

  1. Be open to the things you least expect. Every day presents a new opportunity for something.

No matter how lost you may feel in your career, one day you could receive an opportunity that will change your whole life, not just your career. So always keep your options open to new challenges and experiences. 

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