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Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the modern disciplines that are witnessing a heavy demand by students because it provides many job opportunities due to the great demand for it, in addition to the pleasure it provides to the student, and the creativity and innovation it requires that opens his/her horizons with the presence of new and diverse ideas every day in this field.

Initially, graphic design was a creative work executed by the designer, at the request of the client, to convey a specific message, but today it is included in the daily needs of individuals and companies, starting from the design of gifts, to marketing and advertising, and therefore, this specialty serves the community because it has become the foundation in many areas.

Most of the subjects in this major are practical, and each subject has its practical side, and it requires knowledge of how to use a computer, drawing, basic colors, and other skills.

In this video, graphic design graduate Cynthia Beaini talks about her passion for this profession, and the opportunities for work and creativity that this major offers for those who decide to study it.

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