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Vocational Education: A way to the labor market

The labor market in Lebanon is constantly in need of qualified technicians in various specializations to contribute to the country’s renaissance. The career path aims to educate young men and women, and provide them with skills and professional knowledge in a specific specialty, and here is the importance of vocational guidance for choosing the appropriate specialty.

Watch this video and discover the importance of vocational education, and how it helps in entering the labor market.

Vocational education allows a person to choose the specialization they love and are proficient in, and contributes to graduating students with skills suitable for the labor market through training and practical experience, in addition to helping secure a stable income at an early age, and qualifying the student to create their profession.

Vocational education includes specializations in the fields of industry, services, and business administration, and in the future, it may include other specializations to keep pace with the development in the market.

To find out about vocational education paths and specializations that can be learned, watch the video here.

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