MON Green Future Forum

Jounieh: 28 Nov, 29 Nov & 6 Dec 2023

The “M.O.N. Green Future” forum, attended by 670 participants, has emerged as a catalyst for progress in promoting sustainable development. This event is organized by Semeurs d’Avenir and is funded by AICS- Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, alongside with the DGTVET support in Lebanon. The forum is focused on improving the matching and networking of the supply and demand of the green sector market on the one hand, and on the empowerment of individuals via technical education and training on the other. Overall, M.O.N. Green Future stands as a powerful platform in shaping a sustainable and environmentally conscious future blended with the technical path and experts.

These 3 core forum principles find direct interconnections throughout the form objectives as stated below:

  • Empower technical and vocational education and training, in addition to fostering technical paths and careers. (O)
  • Facilitate the orientation of youths towards technical and vocational education. (O)
  • Establish a space for interaction between companies and technical professionals, with a particular focus on sustainability and green practices. (N)
  • Attract job seekers to green and sustainable industries. (M)
  • Bridge the gap between technical talent supply and market demand, reducing disparities. (M)
  • Strengthen the networking capabilities of Guidance and Employment officers (GEOs) with industries stakeholders. (N)
  • Introduce an upgraded Mehnati platform to better serve the needs of job seekers and employers. (M)

The forum defined two disconnected but complementary approaches:

  • Part 1: Orientation and Networking; Visit to academic schools in Jounieh; 28th and 29th November.
  • Part 2: Matching and Networking; Stationary at Palladio Ballroom venue at Jounieh; 6th Dec 2023.

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