Taste Your Opportunities – Food & Beverage Job Fair

BDD: 17 May 2023

“Taste Your Opportunity” (TYO) Food and Beverage job fair was organized on the 17th of May 2023 at Beirut Digital District, to connect job seekers and companies in the hospitality industry. This event is organized by IECD and its local partner Semeurs d’Avenir and is funded by the IF foundation and AICS- Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, alongside with the DGTVET support in Lebanon. More than 150 job seekers attended the event, which featured 14 F&B companies. Candidates had their CVs evaluated and updated during the job fair before moving on to a direct interview with the company’s representatives. Consequently, with a 34% success rate, 54 job searchers were employed on the spot.

The primary objective of TYO Job Fair is to create an inclusive platform for technical students and labor market stakeholders to connect and establish valuable networks. The fair aims to provide a unique opportunity for technical students to gain insights into labor market trends, demands, and the most sought-after offers, including internships and job opportunities. Additionally, the fair seeks to enhance the business skills of technical students, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in their chosen career paths. It serves as a dedicated space for these students to effectively communicate their knowledge, abilities, and passion within their specific career routes. Furthermore, employers participating in the fair will have the advantage of identifying and recruiting top talent that meets their specific staffing needs, contributing to the broader objective of increasing the employment rate among hospitality graduates and job seekers.

By addressing these objectives, the Food and Beverage Job Fair aims to foster meaningful connections, bridge the gap between technical students and the labor market, and create a conducive environment for growth and opportunities for all involved parties.

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