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How to Search For a Job Online

We all know how much time and effort searching for a job requires, so we offer you in this video some tips and steps that will help you and increase your chances of getting a suitable job.

One of the most effective ways that experts advise in searching for a job is to share the information with family and friends and inform your former colleagues. And if you know someone who works in an organization that you would like to work for, ask them about the available job opportunities.

Secondly, it is customary every year to organize job fairs that bring together many companies and employers who are looking for suitable people for their vacancies. These exhibitions are an exceptional opportunity to bring you together with several institutions at the same time, and thus you get to know the nature of their work, the jobs, and the opportunities available to them.

Third, one of the most important steps to learn about vacancies is to browse the employment sites that many institutions use to publish the job opportunities available to them, and you can see some of the well-known employment sites in the box below the video.

Fourth, the importance of using social media platforms, as many institutions today publish their vacancies through their pages, and if you are a follower, this will make it easier for you to know about the offered job opportunities, in addition to the fact that some groups and pages on “Facebook” and others are specialized in publishing job vacancies, and you only have to follow them to keep an eye out for available jobs, noting that some pages can be found in the caption.

Fifthly, seek to communicate with employment offices because they help you apply for jobs in several institutions. And don’t forget to keep a record of the job applications you’ve applied to.

After completing all the search steps that were mentioned previously, we advise you to register and organize all the vacancies that you applied for in a file that includes the name of the company, contact details, including the name, email, phone number of the person responsible for applying for the job in the company, the date of applying to the job, application and interview deadlines, follow-up date, the status of the application if rejected or not; Thus, this paper serves as a document or reference for you for the present and the future, to keep track of the number of job applications and companies that you have applied to and what was their response.

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