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Tips For First Job Interview

Your first job interview is an essential step on the path to any job you have applied for. But its success is linked to several things, which we share with you in this video so that you can pass it successfully.

Before you do the interview, you should research information about the company that’s interviewing you, such as when it was founded, its objectives, its location, its products, and its services. You can find this information on the company’s website and social media channels.

Then, carefully review the job description, responsibilities, and skills required of the employer, and think about your experiences and responsibilities that you were/are fulfilling in your previous/current job. You should also have in mind the salary that you expect to receive for the job, and if you don’t know how much you should ask for, do a little research and ask your surroundings about the matter.

Then, practice answering the interview questions such as: “Speak about yourself,” “Why are you interested in this job” or “You must introduce yourself, who you are, and what added value you can provide to the company and the team? or “Tell us about an incident in which you were under pressure at work.” Be confident in yourself, firm in your answers, and light in your actions.

Ask your friend to help you practice the interview answers because practicing them aloud alone is not enough while practicing with your friend increases your confidence.

You should prepare questions about the company and the new job. Your questions show that you are interested and serious about the new job. For example, you could ask: “What departments does this teamwork with regularly? How do these departments usually collaborate? What challenges will you face in this job?”

After this, prepare the clothes you will wear the day before the interview. You should choose clothes that you are comfortable wearing and that are neat and tidy. Young men can best dress with a shirt or “polo”, while young women can wear a knee-length dress without high heels or with small heels, avoiding sandals or flippers. It is also preferable not to leave any religious emblem or tattoo visible.

Then, make several copies of your resume in case you are interviewed by more than one person, and remember that the papers should be clean and unfolded.

Be aware of the need to take a notebook and a pen with you to the interview to write notes from those who interviewed you, and if a second appointment is scheduled for you, don’t write this information on your cell phone.

Plan to arrive at the interview 15 minutes before the appointment, determine the route to reach the company, measure the time of the road, check traffic congestion, and beware of the possibility of closed roads or diversions for maintenance. Take advantage of your early arrival and waiting time to observe the dynamics of the workplace.

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