Launching of “Mehnati”

The online platform “Mehnati” was launched today at the Beirut Digital District, in the presence of representatives of vocational schools, Lebanese companies and donors. This platform aims at raising awareness about vocational and technical education in Lebanon.

“Mehnati” introduces students to vocational education and guides them through the process of personal development in order to help them reach a better integration in the labor market. The users can assess their skills, explore the career path options, develop their abilities, and plan their future.

During the launching of the platform, Marianne Saber, project manager of the Guidance, Employment and Training program at IECD affirms: “the cooperation with the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education and the support of donors, have given this platform the ability to make a qualitative change to integrate digital education in the vocational field.”

This project is in fact the result of the efforts done by the Guidance, Employment and Training program at IECD, with the assistance of experts.  

The participants were able to check the platform, and positive feedback was received, especially given the importance of “Mehnati’s” role in helping young people, facilitating their professional choices, and accompanying their path towards the labor market.

The Guidance, Employment and Training program continues its efforts, and the next short-term objective will be to create a job portal dedicated to technical graduates. This will take place in collaboration with the private sector, especially companies working in various fields such as industry, commerce and the service sector.

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