Mini Forums for technical students

IECD’s GET team organized three Mini-Forums in three technical institutes located in different regions of Lebanon, namely Foyer de la Providence, Mesrobian technical college, and Maria Aziz institutes. The mini forums included various activities for two groups of students.

The first group was composed of BP students and the second of BT3 students. The BP students received empowerment sessions by an expert coach, a virtual reality (VR) presentation on technical schools, and workshops with live testing, as well as a RIASEC test conducted for each student.

On the other hand, BT3 students were given an empowerment session by an expert coach, business skills workshops on what a resume is and how to successfully write one, and how to excel in a job interview. In addition, a VR presentation on companies and how to navigate them was organized for BT3 students.

Approximately 132 students participated in the mini forums which were found to be very beneficial and informative for them as some expressed in their testimonials.

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