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How to Find a Job with 0 Years of Experience

Getting a job without previous experience is one of the main challenges and fears that fresh graduates from schools and technical institutes face every year. They say things like, “I’ve never worked before, so who’s going to hire me?” – “Companies are only looking for experienced employees” – “I have many certificates but I can’t get a job.” But you need to know that many jobs in the labor market don’t require any experience, such as being a cashier, waiter, or salesperson. Moreover, many reputable companies visit schools and institutes during their organization of job fairs, to look for new talents (such as accounting, consulting, etc.).

Here’s what you can do if you have a technical background:

  • Create a professional profile: Make sure you have a neat and professional CV that mentions your studies, training periods, your skills, the languages you know, the volunteering work you did, etc. 
  • Market yourself: Find companies and offer to work for free for some time before it is time for you to get a job. 
  • Apply for internships: Your chances of being accepted in internships are higher than your chances of finding a job. Focus on this step that will increase your chances of employment in the future. 
  • Connect with your acquaintances: Ask the people around you if they can help you get a job or if they know someone who can help you with the process. 
  • Expand your network: meet as many new people as possible, this increases your chances of getting a job, by exchanging conversations. 
  • Focus on your strengths: Each of us has something unique in our character or skills that others don’t have, so emphasize it, and show it to the officials in the company you work in. 
  • Keep learning: the more certificates you have, or things you know, the higher your chances of getting a job. Therefore, use your free time to learn new skills or specializations that open up more opportunities for you in the labor market. 
  • Follow a daily routine: set a schedule and time to apply for jobs, establish networks and contact companies. Make this your job, until you find an actual one. 
  • Make sure to follow up with people: After you do all this, it is very necessary to follow up with the people and companies you have contacted, as some of them may be so busy that they forget that you contacted them. 
  • Start your own business: Even if you are young and have no experience if you feel that you can provide a service or a product, you can always launch your own business until you find the right job.

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