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Effect of the Economic Crisis on Unemployment in Lebanon

Lebanon is experiencing nowadays a severe economic crisis, as the Lebanese pound has lost its value during the past year. This crisis has caused an increase in the unemployment rate, which has exceeded 30%, having a direct negative impact on the fresh graduates, who have finished their education and started the journey of searching for a job.

What are the side effects of unemployment on new graduates? And how can they explain or fill in the unemployment gaps on their CVs?

Unemployment has many negative effects such as:

  1. Losing motivation: When new graduates see that it is too difficult to get a job and enter the labor market, they will lose motivation and give up even before they find their first job.
  2. Depression: Long-term unemployment can lead to serious psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, overthinking, feeling useless, unproductive, and a failure in life.
  3. Laziness: If fresh graduates become accustomed to doing nothing when they are unemployed, this may cause them to adjust to this situation, making them lose interest in looking for a job.
  4. Financial problems: No work means no income, and people need to live and spend money on themselves to continue living comfortably.
  5. Social problems: Unemployment means that new graduates spend most of their time at home, which distances them from their surroundings, and also creates problems among family members.

What can you do to avoid these effects if you are still unable to find a job?

Here’s what you can do to be productive, and fill in or explain the unemployment gap on your resume:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Learn a new language or skill
  3. Get new certificates
  4. Participate in workshops and training courses
  5. Join social and humanitarian clubs
  6. Work in your family’s business if possible

If you do any of the above mentioned things, you will impress HR, instead of telling them that you don’t do anything at all, and it will increase your chance of getting a job. Also, remember that no matter what difficulties you are going through hindering your career, whether it is at the national level or on a personal level, you must not give up! You will get the perfect opportunity if you continue to apply for jobs, develop yourself, and work to be productive. You can’t just sit at home, do nothing, and expect to get a job!

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