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How to Read and Understand a Job Description

If you are looking for a job, one important thing to know is that you have to read! You must read the job requirements, or what is known as the “job description” before you submit your application. What is the job description? Why do HR officers resort to it when hiring? And how can you understand it properly before applying for any job?

1. Definition: The job description is a presentation that defines the elements of a specific job in the company, and it highlights the details of the responsibilities required in the job, its requirements, and the tasks expected from the candidate who is applying for it.

2. Reason for adopting the job description: The job description exists to explain in a precise way what the company needs to fill the job, and what is expected from the candidate, in terms of background, knowledge, skills, and qualifications, to find the right person easily.

3. How do you know if you are a good fit for the job? You have to check if you meet those requirements, and if you collect at least 75 percent of the required tasks and responsibilities, given that no one enters a new job knowing everything. You should also read a bit about the company, its background, and its values, to see if these interest you.

Here is an example of a job description for a maintenance technician:

The ideal candidate should be experienced, with in-depth knowledge of maintenance procedures, hydraulic systems, and basic tools and devices. To succeed in this position, the candidate must have great problem-solving skills and possess exceptional communication and organizational skills.

Maintenance Technician Responsibilities:

  • Inspect buildings, equipment, and systems to identify problems.
  • Repair broken equipment and damaged structures.
  • Develop and implement preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Management of heating and plumbing systems to ensure their operation.
  • Planning and scheduling repairs.

Maintenance Technician Qualifications:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • A certificate in HVAC, Building Maintenance Technology, or any related field is preferred.
  • At least two years of experience in a similar position.
  • Deep knowledge of electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Advanced understanding of general maintenance procedures and techniques.
  • The candidate must be physically able and available for overtime work, including weekends, public holidays, and evening hours.

You have to know that applying for every job you encounter online, sending your CV here and there, and expecting to be lucky to get the job without knowing its requirements, will not help you get a job at all. That’s why companies and HR professionals prepare a job description, so you know what to expect and whether you’re qualified for the job before you apply.

In addition, the job description saves time for you and HR officers when reviewing candidates’ applications. But if you happen to feel like applying for a job, and your qualifications don’t match the job description, you can send an e-mail to the company or the human resources officer, asking them to leave your CV in their database, in case there is a suitable job or training opportunity for you in the future. This way, you are giving yourself a chance, without wasting the time and efforts of the HR Officer to hire the right candidate.

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