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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

A job interview is the most important step of getting a job, so you have to prepare well, and ensure its success to increase your employment chances. Here are the things to do in a job interview, and things to avoid:

Start with your dress code: It is very important that you look good in a job interview because this gives the recruiters a good first impression of you, so make sure that you wear formal clothes that are not too luxurious. Remember, you are going to a job interview, not a wedding. Also, don’t wear casual or sporty clothes, i.e. avoid wearing jeans or track pants.

Arrival time and punctuality: Never arrive late to a job interview unless you face an emergency or get stuck in an unusual traffic jam. If you arrive late, apologize to the HR officer, or manager interviewing you. Instead, make sure to arrive 10 minutes before your interview, so you can get a feel of the location and get used to it and the offices.

Greeting and getting ready: Start by greeting the person who is meeting you, this shows respect and breaks the ice between you two. Bring with you the documents that may be asked of you, such as your CV and a copy of your ID.

Personality and body language:

– Don’t act arrogantly in the interview, this makes the HR officer feel that they are inferior to you, and they will reject you immediately.

– Look into the eyes of the interviewer in moderation, and be careful not to stare at them, as this may disturb them.

– Don’t sit arms crossed or squat, for you are in a formal interview, not a coffee shop.

– Don’t show that you’re desperate to get the job, even if you want it more than any other job.

Interview questions:

Research the company and job description before attending the interview.

– Show that you are well prepared for any question that may be asked of you.

– Don’t lie about any topic during the interview, because this will fire back on you if they discover the truth after you get the job.

– Don’t ask the HR Officer any personal questions.

Distraction: Leave your phone on silent mode and avoid things that may distract you.

Follow-up after the interview: Thank the person who interviewed you and send a follow-up email to the HR officer after you get home.


Always remember that the first job interview is like a passport to the job you want. If you apply all the previous points and pay attention to the way you answer the questions asked by the recruiter, your chances of getting a job and enhancing your career will increase.

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