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How to Prepare and Pass an Online Job Interview

Many companies are resorting to conducting job interviews online to save time and cost, especially if the job is abroad. The spread of the Coronavirus has contributed to companies adopting this method of interviewing. How do you prepare for it?

  • Practice: You can record a video of yourself practicing for it or make a video call with a friend  or relative to give you feedback.
  • Create a calm atmosphere: Find a quiet, private place, with good lighting, away from any potential noise or interruption. If you live with family members, inform them when you’re going to have your interview, so they don’t interrupt you.
  • Ensure a good internet connection: Make sure your internet connection is stable and do an audio test with your interviewer before you start, as many technical problems may occur during the online interview. If you don’t have a fast and stable WIFI at home, try using the 3G cell phone internet or go somewhere else with a good internet connection.
  • How to dress and sit: Wear formal clothes and avoid wearing brightly colored ones. The official colors are black, white, grey, and blue, and therefore wearing any shirt of one of these mentioned colors is considered acceptable. And don’t forget to keep your back straight when sitting.
  • Get rid of all distractions: Before starting the interview, turn off your phone or put it on silent mode, and avoid anything that might distract you. Lock all pages related to music, movies, etc. on your “laptop”, so that you don’t turn any of them on by mistake.
  • Essentials: Put a glass of water next to you, a pen, a notebook, and a copy of your CV; this will show the HR department that you are well prepared for the interview. A CV can help you not to forget anything about your profile. A notebook is useful for writing down any comment, assignment, or information the recruiter might ask you for.
  • Collaboration: During the interview, while listening to the recruiter, shake your head and smile, to show that you are participating in and understanding the conversation. Don’t interrupt the recruiter, but wait for them to finish speaking, then ask questions or speak again. If you don’t want to forget, write down your thoughts in the notebook.
  • Pay attention to body language: Body language is a very important part of a job interview. Therefore, use appropriate hand gestures and facial expressions. For example, don’t keep your face straight all the time, move your hands, change the tone of your voice, don’t stare at the recruiter, don’t seem bored!
  • Follow-up: After the interview is over, send a thank you letter to the person who conducted it with you, wait a few days, if you do not get an answer, contact the person concerned to ask if the recruitment process is continuing and if they need additional information from you. Don’t forget to thank them for their time.

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